Author Bio

authorR. C. Gibbons is the author of a series of poetry gift books, a series of children's stories, is a short story writer, and magazine publisher. He has had freelance articles published in the regional magazine Waterfront Living, as well as the magazine Ermak while living in Russia. Much of the inspiration for his writing comes from personal experiences while traveling extensively throughout the world.

R. C. Gibbons was born in Andalusia, Alabama and spent his early childhood there prior to moving with his family to Dothan, Alabama, Jackson, and Clinton, Mississippi and finally to Tallahassee, Florida while in high school. After high school, he joined the U.S. Navy and spent twelve years serving his country in the Intelligence field. It was during this military phase of his life that he developed a love for travel and adventure. He traveled to many countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

baikalHis experiences with many different cultures and peoples of the world have shaped his style of writing and the adventures he experienced form the background for many of his stories. R. C. Gibbons likes to call his style of writing "factual fiction", and likes to base his stories on real life places and events so that if someone were to visit a place he has written about, they could say "I recognize this".

As far as poetry is concerned, R. C. Gibbons approaches his poetry with no light attitude. He tries to tell a story,make a point, or describe something, with every poem that he writes, and also goes to great lengths to make it structurally correct. That, in his opinion, is what separates those who are serious about writing and those who do it for fun. It is not difficult for someone to make up a few lines that rhyme, but it is sometimes really difficult to create a metrically correct poem. Even poetry that seems lighthearted and easy to read is sometimes very difficult to write. The effort that was put into the writing is what creates the easy to read result.

After earning an Honorable Discharge from the military, with many military action medals, R. C. Gibbons settled in Panama City, Florida where, with the exception of several short side trips to other locations including a year stay in Russia, he resides today.

The first three books of the R. C. Gibbons' Poetry Gift Book series to be published are titled Fields For The Mind To Wander, Hearts Released, and The Magical and Mysterious Sea, but there are others that will follow.