Hardcopy Books


The Magical and Mysterious Sea is a collection of poetry with the ocean as it's theme. It explores the feelings we have when we encounter the ocean. Everyone has different reactions to their experiences with the ocean, whether they live beside it everyday, or see it only once in a lifetime, but no matter how many times you experience the ocean, your thoughts or memories will last a lifetime. The ocean is a magical place that is ruled by nothing but wind and water, regardless of how much the human race thinks otherwise.

"The ocean is a world where your cares go away,
and dreams come vividly true.
Where the mind can wander for a thousand years,
lost in the eternal blue."

The twenty-five poems included in this collection range from contemplative to humorous and light. The Magical and Mysterious Sea is an excellent gift for that person in your life that has lived on or is fascinated by the sea.


Hearts Released
is a collection of poetry with love and romance as it's theme. The poems try to articulate the wild range of feelings that we experience when we are in love, whether it is that first love of your youth or the mature love that has developed over the years. Let's face it, love is one of, if not the strongest emotion that we can experience, and often when we do, we do not know if how we are feeling is how others feel or if our feelings are unique to us. Through this book, I hope to shed some light on that question by showing you that there is no definitive way that we are supposed to feel when we are in love. It is different for everyone! There is only one thing that is definite, and that is that some of the things our emotions hand us are totally wild.

"Without any hope I am forever lost
in the web of your enduring charms,
with no chance or prayer to escape
the confinement of your loving arms."

The twenty-four poems in this collection range from serious and deep to humorous and light. Hearts Released is an excellent gift book to give to that special person in your life. It is sure to be appreciated for years to come by young and older alike.


Fields For The Mind To Wander
is a collection of poetry with the thought and observation as it's theme. It was written to stimulate thought about life and all of life's adventures. Thinking is becoming an endangered activity. As complicated, or maybe simple, as life becomes with all of our technological wonders, we no longer experience the need to think about many things indepth anymore. Most of our thoughts usually evolve around making choices about the limited amount of options that are presented to us, and creative thinking is becoming more and more of an activity that is no longer needed. We really only think within the confines of the box of options that are presented to us, and then move on. It is the intent of this book to remind us of things that maybe we have forgotten about, and then to promote contemplation on them, as well as others, once our imaginative juices start flowing again.

Of being superior in intellect,
that is, a member of the human race,
I often wonder why we self destruct
with every decision we make.

The twenty-five poems in this collection range from serious and comtemplative to humorous, but all will leave you with a different perspective after reading them. Fields For The Mind To Wander is an excellent gift book for those who enjoy a light and entertaining read.


These are the first three books of the R. C. Gibbons' Poetry Gift Book series published in hardcopy, but there are others that will follow. Be on the lookout for announcements about the release of the next books in the series which will be titled A Day In The Pines, A Flower For You, and Back To Nature.