Thank you for taking an interest in one of America's newest, up and coming Authors, R. C. Gibbons. This is his official home page and we hope you take the time to explore this site and learn more about R. C. Gibbons and his works.


5-21-2014. I am currently working on short stories that will be published individually, if long enough, and then as a collection. These short stories will first be published as Ebooks at Smashwords.com. Check my page at Smashwords often, as I hope to be releasing two or more a  month.

5-21-2014. In addition to the short stories, I have released one non-fiction Ebook at Smashwords which is a comprehensive compilation of Bible verses concerning the topic of, and titled the same, "Faith". It is something that I put together years ago that my be of interest to some. I have at least one more non-fiction book, maybe two, in the near future. The titles of these will be "Marriage Mistakes", and "An Internet Affair".

1-28-2014. The first three books in R. C. Gibbons' poetry gift book series were released for nationwide distribution on December 10, 2013. The titles of the first three books are "Hearts Released", "Fields For The Mind To Wander", and "The Magical And Mysterious Sea". The collection is published by Tate Publishing, and can be ordered direct from their website, through Amazon.com, and your local bookstore.

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